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The kingdom of Erathia fell to the Dragon Lord. Surrounding villages and towns have been pillaged and massacred by hordes of evil creatures.

A suspicious wanderer travelled to the village of Harlekin and asked to speak with King Salasar.

He proposed to free the village from all these evil energies surrounding it with his special battle cards.

His name was... Aaelind, the Card Master.

About the game

Card Master Aaelind is a videogame created by Solarfun Games Studios, a family-made studio, who is behind the incoming Barlagg's Quest - The Dark Forest videogame.

It is a old-school 3D 1st person RPG that reminds us of the ones we could play over our Computers, Nintendo Entertainment System or Super Nintendo in the 90s.

Card Master Aaelind is based on many oldies like WizardryMight and Magic, Eye of the Beholder and Arcana.


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this looks like an interest concept but the card background vaguely remind me of yu-gi-oh maybe use monster cards with backgrounds as they look kind of plain.

Greetings Aberdeus,

First of all, I would like to thank you for being the first person to comment my game.

Actually, I went on the Internet and searched for "Magics Card Templates" and found out a template that seemed nice and I altered the colors depending on the monster's element. (I presume you found out that the "Fire bat" had a red card since it was a "fire element" type of monster)

As you may notice, too, there is no downloadable game so far because I really want to launch it around november 4th just before the end of the contest's end date.

We're currently working on making new stuff to make it look as old-school as possible. This said, I'll take a look about your suggestion on making the cards less "plain".

To thank you, here's a little gift : the "Bats Swarm" poison-type card and the "Boss Golem" earth-type card.

Bats SwarmBoss Golem